Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seriously, the only thing I taught today was math

Today was a mess. Not really a mess, but it's days like today that make NOT like my job.

Every year we have to test every single child on their reading. It's not a big deal when they're little. The stories are shorter and what is expected of the student response is WAY less. In fifth grade they have to do a reading survey, have a running record done, then have to read a "short" story and respond to it in a 3 page packet. And, of course, they can't all be done at the same time. I have to look at last year's final score and "guesstimate" what reading test is best for them and go from there. Each kid takes about an hour or so to complete the process. I got 7 finished yesterday and 8 today. That leaves 7 for tomorrow. I don't spend ALL day doing this test. Most of it is done away from me (the comprehension/response packet) but I have to give them uniterupted time to get it done. They have to finish it the day they start it. I hate testing. The only good thing to come of all this testing is that it does make setting up my reading groups a bit easier. It's more accurate than my guessing.

Writing was boring for me. They're working on finishing up a prompt, so it was "get out your writing folders and get working on the prompt...you should be on your rough draft/edit/revise step by now". I turned on some Elvis and watched them write and revise and edit. I helped them when they needed it, but I'm a big fan of stepping back and letting them find their errors. They usually do if they take the time

We had a guidance lesson instead of science (and a fire drill the ensured that I had NO time to review for their quiz later this week).

I did teach math today...and it was a pretty good lesson if I do say so myself (and I do!). I love teaching area. Talking about painting walls and showing kids a picture of an ugly wall in my house makes it fun. Tomorrow is more of the same, but with a focus on triangles (dun dun dun...triangles always throws them, but we'll get there).

On top of all that the chicken nuggets today were tough and chewy. Enh...where's my Ben and Jerry's?

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